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To Hong Kong

semi-overcast 20 °C

I Left very early Saturday morning on Cathay Pacific and it was a great flight, the food was great and the service was really special, from 'Doris', and 'Lal', Hong Kong is an exciting place but for me mainly because of my Family. It was just a great Joy to have my granddaughter running to meet me calling out 'Gidday Fletch.

I have two days to repack my suitcase into a Back Pack and relax before I set off on the next leg.

Being a market person I will have to do a couple of markets and see all the sights and sound (and smells) of some of the local markets. Markets always seem to speak to me about community and the Hong Kong Markets are no different except seemingly busier and noisier and of course with m,ore people milling about.

The weather was quite murky with many locals using face masks and the checking of all travelers temperature by infrared camera's. Very different from little old Adelaide Airport.

So I am on the way and will keep a record of what I have seen and what I have done. I promise everything will be legal but I am already having a great time.


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Getting ready

Why am I doing this?

sunny 37 °C

I have been talking about the Russian leg for something like 20 years; wanting to stand in Red Square in the depth of winter. I also made a promise to an ex colleague that I would visit her and her husband in Israel someday, there is a cousin in Scotland and friends in Birmingham and London, with some old colleagues in Austin and a new friend in Chicago.

It all had to revolve around being in Red Square in winter. When the film 'The Russia House' was released I went to see it as I am a fan of John Le Carre and his fantastic stories. There was a scene between Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer were the camera circled them while they were deep in conversation in Red Square, away from 'listening devices' and the like and the camera portrayed the whole of Red Square as background. I was very impressed and said to myself I must be there and see it for myself.

So this is it.

The irony is that over the years I have seen the film a number of times and now I have the DVD and I have never seen that scene again so it was probably 'Gorky Park' or something similar, but I have made my plan and I will be there in just a couple of weeks. All the arrangements have been made with most of the people that I will be staying with and I am now in the throes of putting things in a case with cool stuff for Israel, and warm stuff when I get to the far northern hemisphere.

I have the ticket all confirmed and most of the accommodation and so I just have to check all the details again and again and set off for the World.

Wish me luck and I will try and keep this up to date as I travel for the whole month of February 2012.

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